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Suspended assemblies - Guides - Governors

Suspended lift assemblies 

What is a suspended assembly? This means the different elements of a lift that move or accompany the movement. The car, frame (arcade) and counterweight are the main components of moving suspension assemblies. Many other associated components exist, such as guides, shoes, safety gears, etc. All of these components are subject to the French Lifts Directives and require a reliable design. 

OCTÉ offers a massive range of solutions to suit the specific nature of your lift and the characteristics of the building: residential building, administrative building, shopping centre, etc. 

Lift suspension assemblies unite the following technical components: 

1. Lift car. The lift car is the visible and most important element for passengers. It must meet technical and safety standard criteria, as well as an aesthetic design. Standard or tailor-made: OCTÉ gives you the choice! Our team are on hand to create your future tailor-made lift car in accordance with current safety standards. You can choose from a range of options for the floor, walls, lighting, position and style of the buttons, etc. 

2. Car frame or arcade. This metal structure supports the car and incorporates the safety gear and guide rail systems. OCTÉ offers different solutions for round guide or T-guide frames with different speeds or rated loads. 

3. Counterweight. An element in the lift shaft that allows the car to move to an upper or lower floor, and helps to stabilise it and control the speed. For the right size, height and weight for your equipment and lift cars, check out all the counterweights available online.

What are the components in a suspended lift assembly? 

OCTÉ designs or selects components that meet stringent quality, safety and compliance requirements. Accordingly, OCTÉ holds notified body certification for its mastery of and compliance with Annex VII of France's Lifts Directive on safety components. This means that OCTÉ is competent to control and trace lift safety components. 

OCTÉ offers a wide choice of standard or customised components to meet the different needs of suspended assemblies: over-speed governor, tension devices, guide rails, guide fastener, circle, buffer, buffer holders, guide shoe, roller, guide wire, etc. 

Our team are ready to answer all of your questions and help you to find exactly the product you need. 

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