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The installation, maintenance and repair of a lift requires the right tools. 

OCTÉ offers a wide array of tools for the different requirements of lift engineers.

Tools to maintain guide rails:

Guide rails require regular maintenance, especially if they are lubricated or greased. Degreasing, collecting the oil, and lubricating are standard maintenance operations. OCTÉ has designed kits for each operation that incorporate the tools required: brush, wiping tissue reel, oil, oil collector. Choose the right pack for your needs!

Diagnostic tools:

A lift will evolve in line with its usage and the technical modifications applied over its working life. It is important to be able to diagnose and evaluate the behaviours of the lift, especially the car load, noise level, and vibrations in order to determine any necessary corrective actions. OCTÉ is a distributor for German brand HENNING GmbH's diagnostic tools, and offers a calibration service for these products.

Lock and door tools:

The locks fitted on lift landing doors are some of the most intensively used components over the life span of a lift. Technicians working on a lift (maintenance, repair) will need to access the car and lift shaft. OCTÉ offers a wide selection of release keys for locks and doors. Based on the type of door and locks on your lift, you can select the right keys on the OCTÉ website.

Safety gear tools:

Using its experience with and expertise in safety gear systems, OCTÉ has designed a safety gear unclamping tool. Once the safety gear has engaged and gripped onto the guide rails, it can often be difficult to release. The OCTÉ unclamping tool efficiently releases the safety gear on T-guides or round guides, in either the upward or downward direction.

Check out our range of tools on OCTÉ.shop for even more tools for lift professionals: lifting tool, machine disassembly tool, special screwdriver, etc.

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